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Scalp Micropigmentation is something we at Madehair Academy are experts in. Through our long experience, we want to give our customers the best results based on your own wishes. We have a long experience with micropigmentation (scalp micropigmentation, also known as  hair pigmentation  ), and alopecia treatments where accuracy and quality are our biggest priorities. Made Hair Academy is a selected team in all categories.

Scalp micropigmentation is the only solution that gives you 100% guaranteed results against hair loss.

At  Made Hair Academy  in Gothenburg and Stockholm, our SMP technicians are fully trained with the latest equipment and technology where
we can help virtually anyone minimize the appearance of baldness, scarring or any other form of hair loss. 

Scalp Micropigmentation is today one of the world’s most leading technologies that gives you the result you want. The results you can expect are completely impossible to tell the difference between your normal hair and the one that has been treated.




Fantastic results

Scalp micropigmentation gives you the absolute best treatment results, then you’ve come to the right place. MadeHairAcademy offers the experience and its excellent knowledge so that you get the most beautiful and realistic results.


Quality treatments

We understand and know what we are doing, with the knowledge we carry we have the opportunity to offer sustainable results in top quality. Made Hair Academy is very concerned about its customers, therefore quality is A and O for us.


Clean & sterile environment

Made Hair Academy meets all purity requirements to be able to perform safe clinical treatments. In view of the current situation surrounding COVID-19, we are taking greater measures to protect your health.



How does the process work?

Scalp micropigmentation  is a great type of treatment, the process is simple. When you find that Scalp Micropigmentation could be something for you, you can go to either Instagram or our website and contact us. We will then contact you with a date for consultation. If you are then ready for treatment, we always book one treatment at a time or all three if you can. Want it. When you have performed all three treatments, we will review the final result and determine that everything is as desired. Made Hair Academy also has a guarantee on the treatments and we make any adjustments free of charge when you have followed the program we recommend.


When you contact us, we will ask for some photos of the areas you want to treat and book a possible consultation.


We always recommend consultation to go through everything in the smallest detail. For those of you who have lost your hairline, we create a hairline in place to see what suits you best. Some have not had a hairline for years and it can be very difficult to know exactly how and where it was located. But that’s no problem either, our experts are there to help and give recommendations for what suits you. You can choose for yourself whether you want a more natural hairline or a more marked design. For filling in the scalp, we also recommend sealing as much as possible to cover the bare areas. You can choose the strength of the pigment yourself. When doing Scalp Micropigmentation, you always do 3 treatments. The healing time is usually 1-2 weeks between each treatment,

Make an appointment

When you have decided to have treatment, it is time to book an appointment for your treatment. We take a deposit of 10% of the cost of each treatment session.

First Treatment

Now is the time to lay a solid foundation for the first treatment. We would like you to come prepared and have food in your stomach before treatment. We will go over how exactly you want the line on site by drawing up several different examples and then you will arrive at a final result. We want you to have a good time. The hairline is also among the first things you notice when you look at the scalp and we always build it up slowly to make it as good as possible. We always measure the pigment so that it is identical to the remaining hair so that it is identical. Adjustments may occur in treatments 2 & 3 to find an exact match. If you are going to make a new hairline using scalp micropigmentation, the hair on the scalp and on the sides is shaved off so that everything is smooth and nice when the treatment is finished. A normal treatment usually takes between 3-4 hours in total. The pain threshold is something everyone can handle and there is anesthesia if you wish. Once the treatment is finished, the result will look fresh, which then settles to its natural color, which takes a couple of days. All the points we set are lightly applied to the skin to create a result as realistic as possible, so much will lighten up and settle down, just keep calm because soon it will be time for the second treatment.

Second Treatment

When it is time for the second treatment, then we go through how the pigment from scalp micropigmentation has settled on the scalp and whether the shade is identical to the remaining hair you have. Then we go through the entire area to be treated and fill in all the gaps again around the healed results to create more density in the scalp. The treatment process is basically the same when the preparatory work is done and now it is necessary to seal all empty gaps to create a fresh look as detailed as possible. Treatment two takes about 3 hours to perform and is less ”painful” than the first because most of the work has been done there.

Third Treatment

Once you have finally reached the destination, the result is much better than the first treatment and you have started to get a more complete look all over your head. The light areas that have healed from the first treatment have disappeared and now there is even more sealing throughout the scalp to make everything as complete as possible. At this stage, you are already satisfied with the results. The treatment time is like the previous treatments of around 2-3 hours and here only the sealing work is done in the smallest detail. Here we also provide a guarantee on our work and we would like to see a follow-up after everything has healed as it should after the treatment with scalp micropigmentation

Guaranteed by Made Hair Academy

Follow-up and control

At this stage, everything should be completely healed and complete. Everyone sees things differently and we are always available to make the adjustments on the spot to increase the durability and tightness of the work. Made Hair Academy cares deeply about its customers and we want everyone to leave our clinics with a happy smile. What results can I expect from a Micropigmentation (scalp micropigmentation)? When you do a Micropigmentation (scalp micropigmentation), the results are so incredibly realistic that you can barely see the difference between your own hair follicles and the pigmentation we apply to the skin. As the pigments do not change color over time, the result will remain the same as the years pass. Treating the head is delicate and you want the result to be as natural as possible. 

A possible touch-up is always recommended to be done after 3-5 years to continue to keep the result fresh. Sunbathing after healing time works perfectly. You must keep in mind to protect the scalp with a sunscreen to increase the durability of the result.

How can pigmentation help me?

Micropigmentation reduces the appearance of baldness, scalp filling for both women and men. Scalp micropigmentation is a faster, more effective and cost-effective solution to be able to give you the best possible results to get your natural self back.


Scalp micropigmentation


Do you suffer from hair loss?

You are not alone, 90% of all people suffer from some form of hair loss.


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We are all people who are affected by stress in our everyday lives.
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